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If you like a bit of fizz in your wine, sparkling wines are a perfect match for you. There are a lot of sparkling wines available out there.

Champagne, Cava and Crémant

Champagne is probably the most famous amongst those. Hailing from the north-eastern corners of France, Champagne has been one of the most popular wines of all time. The price of champagne varies widely and it is available at around 228 HKD (Bénard Pitois Carte Blanche) or 265 HKD (Bénard Pitois Champagne Rosé) in our shop.

Hailing from Catalonia, the Spanish sparkler Cava is a very popular sparkling wine. It is a widely celebrated wine in Spain and graces almost every occasion with its presence. Over time, it has become a part of Spanish traditions. Cava is very similar to Champagne in taste as both of them are prepared in the same way, although from different varieties of grapes.

Crémant is another French variant which has been able to build a niche base of appreciators. Although not as popular as other French wines, the Crémant is worth trying at least once.

Sekt and eastern Europe sparkling wines

Sekt  is a German wine which is also quite popular. They are similar to Champagnes in taste although Sekt variants have a lot less alcohol compared to their French counterparts. Like most sparklers, it is available in various sweetness levels and pairs up well with light dishes.

Apart from the above sparklers there are also different variants available which enjoy a lot of regional popularity. Pezsgo for example is a Hungarian sparkler which is a quintessential part of Hungarian traditions.

Then there is Sovetskoye Shampanskoye which is Russian sparkler. This one has a distinct taste and enjoys immense popularity in Russia. Italian, Romanian and English sparklers are also present in the market although they are not as popular as the ones mentioned above.