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Top 5 Sparkling Wines Ever

If you like a bit of fizz in your wine, sparkling wines are a perfect match for you. There are a lot of sparkling wines available out there.

Champagne, Cava and Crémant

Champagne is probably the most famous amongst those. Hailing from the north-eastern corners of France, Champagne has been one of the most popular wines of all time. The price of champagne varies widely and it is available at around 228 HKD (Bénard Pitois Carte Blanche) or 265 HKD (Bénard Pitois Champagne Rosé) in our shop.

Hailing from Catalonia, the Spanish sparkler Cava is a very popular sparkling wine. It is a widely celebrated wine in Spain and graces almost every occasion with its presence. Over time, it has become a part of Spanish traditions. Cava is very similar to Champagne in taste as both of them are prepared in the same way, although from different varieties of grapes.

Crémant is another French variant which has been able to build a niche base of appreciators. Although not as popular as other French wines, the Crémant is worth trying at least once.

Sekt and eastern Europe sparkling wines

Sekt  is a German wine which is also quite popular. They are similar to Champagnes in taste although Sekt variants have a lot less alcohol compared to their French counterparts. Like most sparklers, it is available in various sweetness levels and pairs up well with light dishes.

Apart from the above sparklers there are also different variants available which enjoy a lot of regional popularity. Pezsgo for example is a Hungarian sparkler which is a quintessential part of Hungarian traditions.

Then there is Sovetskoye Shampanskoye which is Russian sparkler. This one has a distinct taste and enjoys immense popularity in Russia. Italian, Romanian and English sparklers are also present in the market although they are not as popular as the ones mentioned above.

Buy wine in Wan Chai 

Wine has been an integral part of life for the dwellers of Wan Chai . Situated near the western shores, Wan Chai is one of the busiest metropolitan areas of Hong Kong. It is also home to some of the best and unique brands of wines.

Wan Chai’s Lifestyle

Life in the area has its own pace and the pace is very fast during the usual business hours. In the evenings however, groups of wine lovers and connoisseurs can frequently be seen in gatherings in wine stores or restaurants vibrantly celebrating their cultural association with wine.

The cultural and emotional association with wines has deep roots which can be attributed to Wan Chais long and enduring relationship with wines. This relationship can be traced long back. The enthusiasm and knowledge about wines amongst the dwellers of the area are strongly suggestive of this attachment.

What Wan Chai has to Offer

Apart from these well known and celebrated local specialities, there are many more great wines which one can explore in the area. Wan Chai offers a lot of options to wine lovers and attracts a lot of wine enthusiasts from all corners of the globe every year.

The coffers of Wan Chai are rich and if you’re a wine enthusiast looking to explore new flavors, Wan Chai can just be the place you have been searching for. If you want to buy wine in Wan Chai, contact us and discover our new arrivals.

Buy wine in TST and Kowloon

Tsim Sha Tsui sits on the southern part of the Hong Kong. Popularly recognized by its abbreviated name “TST”, the area is home to a large number of fine dining restaurants, bars and wine shops.

A popular place in Hong-Kong

TST is a very popular tourist destination and plays host to a large number of people from all corners of the globe.

One of the major attractions of TST has been its exclusive collection of wine. There are a large number of top-class wine shops in the area which cater to the large number of tourists, wine enthusiasts and connoisseurs.

There are many top quality wine shops scattered across the area. However, Kowloon is considered as the epicenter of wine shopping hosting a large number of quality wine shops. If you are looking for good wines, just contact us and discover our wide choice of french wine.

Buy wine in TST

TST is not only a great place to buy wine in Hong Kong but also a place where wine is interwoven with the local culture. Wine is present in almost all celebrations here.

As a result, TST becomes not only a place to buy quality wine but also a place to explore the rich traditions associated with wine, especially if you are a wine enthusiast.

Buy Wine in Causeway Bay

Causeway Bay is one of the busiest areas in Hong Kong.  Hours seem to fly by pretty fast in this corner of the city. The never ending swarm of cars, crowded streets and the tall office buildings are all symbolic of this rush.

A busy place for wine lovers

And yet, post business hours, the atmosphere in the area changes drastically. Causeway Bay is home to a large number luxury restaurants, bars, shopping malls and liquor stores.  Some of the finest wine shops of Hong Kong are located in this area.

Quality and reasonable prices

In terms of quality and variety offered, Causeway Bay area ranks pretty high amongst the best places to buy wine in Hong Kong and if you are looking for wine shops which offer quality and variety at reasonable prices, it is a must for you to visit this part of Hong Kong.

Do not hesitate to contact us to order french wine in a few minutes. Our shop offer you very tasty wines as Chateau Vannières or Champagne at reasonable prices.

Buy wine in Repulse Bay

Located in the southern part of the Hong Kong, Repulse Bays emphatic beaches is visible from a long way away from the shores.  Part of Hong Kongs Southern district, Repulse Bay has been one of the top tourist destinations over the years.

A perfect place for a glass of wine

A large pool of exotic fine dining restaurants, bars, pubs and shopping malls are based out of this area. The area is also home to a large number of excellent and top of the class wine shops which offer quality and variety at the same time.

Shops have a large collection to choose from and the price offered is quite reasonable. They also take orders online and can make deliveries at your door steps. Apart from the retail shops, Repulse Bay plays host to a significant number of top class wine and dine restaurants. Wine is a very popular drink among the residents of Repulse Bay and graces almost every occasion.

Buy wine in Repulse bay

Groups of wine lovers can often be seen in public gatherings which establish Repulse Bays deep cultural relationship with wines.

Repulse Bay is one of the top destinations to wine and dine as well as for buying top quality wine in Hong Kong and if you are a wine enthusiast. You must explore Repulse Bay to access its exquisite collection of a variety of local and exported wines.

We deliver your order in our online shop in Repulse Bay, just come and discover our selection.

Buy wine in Sheung Wan and Central

Unique Flavors of Sheung Wan and Central

Tucked away in the north-western corner of  Hong Kong lies the district of Sheung Wan and Central. It is one of the more busy parts of the city and time here seems to pass very swiftly.  Sheung Wan and Central are home to a number of fine dining restaurants and cherishes a very old association with wines.

Wine has always been an important part of the lives of the local population. Wine is present in almost every occasion here-be it a social gathering, a dinner or a celebration.  The popularity of wine is a fact which correlates with the unusually high number of wine connoisseurs in the district.

Our online shop is waiting for you

Popular Wines of Sheung Wan and Central

Shaoxing yellow wine and Jimo Old Wine are two most celebrated wines of the area. Shaoxing yellow wine is considered to be a local specialty and is extremely popular amongst the local folks.

In our shop, we sell wines loved by people living in Central or Sheung Wan. The perfect example is Chateau Vannières (AOC Bandol) which is a perfect wine for many celebrations.

If you are somebody who is looking for variety as well as a change in flavor, Sheung Wan and Central are just the place you have been searching for. With its wide collection of best in the class local wines, Sheung Wan and Central are one of the best places to buy wine in Hong Kong.

What to serve with seafood?

Pairing the right wine with the seafood is extremely important and having the know-how has the potential to augment your overall food experience significantly.

Matching up the right wine with the seafood dishes is a less difficult task than you might have initially imagined. There are some basic rules which you need to keep in mind and you will do fine.

White wine is a must

White wine works extremely well with shellfishes. Shellfishes and fishes have a very light and delicate taste and when they are paired up with white or sparkling wines, the taste really comes out.

However, salmon is a fish with which red as well as white wines work equally well and you can try out both in order to find out what suits you the best.

Fish, clams and wine

Spicy seafood dishes call for light and sweet white wines and the pair works quite well together. Dishes which contain white fleshed fishes and butter sauce can be paired up with Chardonnay as they are quite a popular match.

Fishes with darker fleshes can be paired up with both red and white wines depending upon how the dish is cooked and what sauces have been used. Sweeter wines tend to work well with spicy dishes.

If you are not sure what to order or the mix of the ordered dishes cover a wide range, you can go for Champagne. They work extremely well with seafoods and rarely does the match result in a failure.

Don’t miss our advice about meat and wine.

Best wines to pair with meat

Red wine usually pairs up well with red meat and it is considered as a cardinal rule. However, when some other factors like sauces and flavors come into the picture, slight adjustments are necessary to this rule.

A perfect match

Fatty meats pair up extremely well with bold red wines and one can try Napa Cabernet or full bodied Italian wines with such meats. Grilled beef is also a kind of dish which works well with full bodied red wines.

Lamb on the other hand has quite a distinct taste from that of beef and is lot more delicate. As a result, lighter and medium boiled wines generally work well with lambs. Sauce is also an important factor as lamb has a tendency to reflect the flavor of the sauce. Depending upon the sauce, medium bodied wines can also be tried.

A good wine for a tasty diner

As a general rule, the leaner the cut of a meat is, the lighter the wine should be. Lighter wines work extremely well with meats which are close to the raw form. On the other hand, bold red wines go well with the steaks, chops and barbecues.

Picking a wine with hamburgers can be a challenge.  The unique mixture of ketchup, onions and pickles makes matters quite difficult. Wines with a fruity flavor or a Cabernet generally work well with it.

Although the above points can be considered as a general guideline, these rules are flexible. Depending upon your taste-buds and various factors like sauces and type of meat, these rules need to be adjusted. Feel free to experiment with different combination and the more you do so, the more likely you are to find out just the right pairing which suits you the best.

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Top 5 Wines Ever

Listing down the top wines ever is a daunting task. If the variety and number of different wines is not enough, disagreements among the experts and connoisseurs are extremely frequent to complicate the matters further.

In this list, we have listed the top 5 wines ever which are widely appreciated by experts and enthusiasts alike and have been able to build a reputation for their unique tastes.

5. Chateau Lafleur

Hailing from Pomerol France, Chateau Lafleur is the first one to feature on this list. The hue represents ruby and as soon as the cork is popped open, one can sense the amazing aroma of plums with chocolaty cover, raspberries, flowers and truffles. Sophisticated, plush and soft in taste, this wine is widely appreciated by many as one of the greatest wines of all time.

4. Château d’Yquem

Chateau d’Yquem has an unusually sweet taste. The wine has a fresh and rich taste with a brioche flavoured finish. The wine is a fine example of fine craftsmanship and offers a unique taste.

3. Domaine Romanée Conti

Equipped with a charming aroma of spices and berries, Dom. Romanée Conti has a unique, refreshing and sweet taste. It is flavoured with licorice and flowers.

2. Petrus Pomerol

Petrus Pomerol is an arrogant display of all the skills of a honed and expert wine maker. The wine has a slight hint of berries and has the smell of vanilla and oak. The unique and defining taste of the wine makes it a favourite amongst the enthusiasts, aficionados and connoisseurs alike.

1. Cheval Blanc

Cheval Blanc is widely considered as the greatest wine ever. It is in a league of its own and has built up a legendary status that every wine dreams to achieve. In the famous animation movie Ratatouille, the reference to Cheval Blanc reaffirmed its status as one of the greatest wines ever.

Cheval Blanc has distinctive taste which is worth tasting at least once. Over the years, it has built up a tremendous reputation for itself which is why we rank it as number 1 in this list.